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9x39 Project


Designed around the Soviet Era VSS Vintorez, these lightweight high performance rifles include newest in sound suppression and firearm design technology. Delivering pin point accuracy while simultaneously suppressing sound to an astounding 115 Db.

This Vintorez AK was originally built as a prototype to verify the operation of the custom gas system required by the 9x39 Russian round.

By applying the latest in design technology with two years of testing, noise and sound frequencies are altered to offer the quietest design on the market. A completely symmetrical design and superior tolerances result in the most accurate suppressors on the market. All Piedmont Cartridge suppressors feature a removable end cap and outer case that allows complete access to the baffle system for cleaning. A clean suppressor is a quiet suppressor.

The Vintorez can easily hit targets out to 200+ meters and will not exceed hearing safe levels. It also minimizes the flash and the IR signature. This weapon was built specifically for the 9x39 Russian subsonic round.


From the innovative minds of Roswell Manufacturing comes the industry's first 9x39mm fully integrated suppressed rifle system! Built to send a heavy slug down range accurately while keeping sound levels hearing safe, the Vintorez AR rifle system is guaranteed to offer quiet superior performance in even the most adverse conditions!

Constructed with a 8” barrel and a full titanium suppressor that has an overall length of 16.2”. This creates a complete rifle system that is not considered a short barreled rifle. One stamp, one solution! The suppressor has 2 attachment points to the barrel and a locking end cap that provides the strongest possible connection to the barrel.  The custom titanium gas block has two additional set screws to lock it in place. 

The titanium suppressor is light-weight and extremely durable. The outer case is removable to access the baffle for cleaning. This custom upper has been tuned to run 9x39mm subsonic. It comes with a PRI Gas Buster charging handle, a custom Nickel Boron Bolt, one stainless steel 25rd magazine, and a 15 inch enhanced M-Loc Hand Guard with a standard Picatinny rail on top. Weight is under 7 pounds unloaded.