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Roswell Manufacturing Industries is known to manufacturers as the "go to" company for solving problems. In reality, only a small part of our business pertains to retail sales.

New! Training Calendar with NC Scout!

We Partnered with NC Scout for specialized machingun training. Come and learn how to to properly

operate a M2HB, M240B and M249 in an individual and squad environment.

Below you can find a list featuring our current and past projects:

  • Custom ammunition
  • Sourcing hard to find ammunition
  • Suppressor development
  • Custom manufacturing techniques
  • Custom blank round manufacture
  • Business plan analysis
  • Energetic research
  • Weapons development
  • Sourcing bulk ammunition
  • Company or product valuation
  • "Go to" market planning & execution
  • Weapon system testing
  • Primer development
  • Machine Gun Training (Belt Feds)